Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting to grips with self-harm in Ireland

Deliberate self-harm is recognized worldwide as a major public-health problem with young people being particularly at risk. A team of researchers from Ireland (where the rate of self-harm in adolescents is estimated as between 8% and 12%) examined this issue more closely in a study of 3,881 teenagers in 39 schools. Among both sexes drug use and knowing a friend who harmed themselves were associated with an increased risk of self-harm. In girls poor self-esteem, forced sexual activity, self-harm by a family member, fights with parents and problems with friends increased the risk of self-harm while in boys bullying, problems with schoolwork, impulsivity and anxiety increased the risk.

McMahon, E.M. ... [et al] - Factors associated with deliberate self-harm among Irish adolescents Psychological Medicine November 2010, 40(11), 1811-1819

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