Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Social difficulties and psychosis

People who go on to develop psychosis often have difficulties in getting on with other people. But are these problems a risk factor for developing the condition? A new study (lead author Eva Velthorst from the University of Amsterdam) looked at 245 people who had sought help for their psychological problems and who were thought to be at risk of developing psychosis. The participants were followed for 18 months to see which of them developed psychosis and their problems in getting on with other people were assessed with a questionnaire at the start of the study. The participants who went on to develop psychosis had significantly greater difficulties in making new friends, maintaining friendships, dealing with people they did not know and joining community activities. Using statistical analysis the researchers found that difficulties in getting on with other people significantly predicted whether people developed psychosis.

Velthorst, Eva ... [et al] - Disability in people clinically at high risk of psychosis British Journal of Psychiatry October 2010, 197(4), 278-284

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