Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Young students more responsible drinkers than young workers

A survey by the U.K. alcohol charity Drinkaware of 1,715 18-24 year-olds has found that students have a more responsible attitude to drink than people of a similar age in full-time work. The survey found that only 3% of students and 5% of young adults at work thought it was acceptable to end up in hospital after drinking too much although 30% of students still admitted blacking out or losing their memory after drinking too much. Only one in ten students said they had drunk more than 16 units (eight pints of beer) in a night compared to one in eight young workers. More than half (54%) of students admitted they drank at least double the daily-limit guidelines. 29% of the students and young workers said that their friends would ridicule them if they chose soft drinks on a night out.

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