Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Men, women, ageing and happiness

Women become less happy than men as they age, according to a long-term study carried out by researchers at Cambridge University and the University of Southern California. The study looked at people's expectations for their personal lives and finances and their levels of happiness over time. It found that women are, on average, happier than men in early adulthood but that men overtook women after the age of 48. In later life it was men who came closest to fulfilling their aspirations. Nine out of ten people wanted a happy marriage and the least happy part of a man's life - his 20s - is also the time when he is most likely to be single. Men were more dissatisfied than women with their financial situation earlier in life but this was because their expectations were higher, not because their incomes were lower. Men are more likely than women to be married after 34 and their income rises as they get older as well. On average men become happier than women with their finances at 41 and with their family life at 64.

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Dave Owen said...

I have found over the years that my happiness is inversely proportional to my expectations.

By that I mean as my expectations climb (and I begin wanting more and more) my happiness decreases.

And, when my happiness climbs (I want what I have instead of having what I want), my expectations decrease.

Life is as good as I allow it to be.