Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Screening for personality disorders in prisoners

Many prisoners have personality disorders. It is important to get an accurate picture about how many people in prisons have personality disorders as this may determine service needs and have important implications for inmate management. The presence of these disorders may also predict the behaviour of some prisoners while in custody and after release. The ideal way of diagnosing personality disorders is through a clinical interview but this can be time consuming and expensive. Researchers in the UK looked into the effectiveness of a screening tool called SCID-II by using it on 496 prisoners. They found it 'retained good internal consistency with improved discrimination between personality disorders and clinical syndromes'.

Ullrich, Simone ... [et al] - Detecting personality disorders in the prison population of England and Wales: comparing case identification using the SCID-II screen and the SCID-II clinical interview Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology September 2008, 19(3), 301-322

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