Friday, August 15, 2008

Postnatal depression and hormones

Up to 80% of women experience at least a few weeks of low mood after the birth of a child, 10-15% experience more severe depression that may last a month or more and 1-5% experience severe psychosis that can last up to a year. New research by scientists at the Medical College of Georgia's School of Medicine has been looking at the effects of a substance called interleukin-1 beta which is produced in the uterus immediately after childbirth. This creates more serotonin transporters in the brain leading to a relative deficit in serotonin, low levels of which have been linked to depression.

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Mediguard India said...

I have read this blog, and I want to know why does she depress? At the child birth time her family member around her!!

Anna Levand said...

This condition is very strange. I wonder if there is an explanation of this depression from the biological point of view.

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