Thursday, November 20, 2008

CBT for psychosis: what are the barriers?

According to National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for psychosis should be made available to service users, particularly those with persisting symptoms and treatment resistance. It has also been recommended that assertive outreach teams in the UK include CBT in their skills repertoire. However, recent evaluations in the UK have found that teams lack such provision and fail to deliver the NICE recommendations for CBT. A survey of people attending the National Forum for Assertive Outreach annual conference in 2006 asked them about the barriers to the implementation of psychosocial interventions in their area. Respondents identified a lack of organizational investment, the structured nature of CBT, caseload issues, medication issues, application to people with sensory impairment, staff apathy and staff burnout as some of the barriers against the implementation of CBT for psychosis.

Williams, C. H. J. - Cognitive behaviour therapy within assertive outreach teams: barriers to implementation: a qualitative peer audit Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing December 2008, 15(10), 850-856

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