Friday, November 07, 2008

It really could be the little things that make you happy

Past research into happiness has shown that even after major life events such as accidents and lottery wins people's levels of happiness tend to return to their 'default settings' over the long term. However, studies by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found that repeated 'doses' of less dramatic events can have an effect on people's happiness levels. People questioned after a religious service, a yoga class or a gym session were found to be happier than they had been before but it was also the case that the more services or gym classes a person attended the happier they were suggesting that these short-term boosts had a longer-term effect when repeated over time.

Mochon, D., Norton, M. and Ariely, D. - Getting off the hedonic treadmill, one step at a time: the impact of regular religious practice and exercise on well-being Journal of Economic Psychology 29(5), 632-642

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