Thursday, November 13, 2008

Separation, surgery and eating disorders

Mental-health problems are often triggered by adverse events and eating disorders are no exception. The effects of sexual and physical abuse in causing eating disorders have been studied but a team of researchers in Israel looked into the effects of surgery and parental separation on people's eating patterns. They followed 2,206 children through secondary school for four years and found that parental separation, oral surgery and cosmetic surgery were all significantly correlated with eating disorder symptomology. The researchers speculated that oral surgery could make the mouth associated with trauma while the cosmetic surgery could increase the youngsters' awareness of their bodily appearance thus leading on to eating problems.

Bachar, Eyten ... [et al] - Surgery and parental separation as potential risk factors for abnormal eating attitudes - longitudinal study European Eating Disorders Review November-December 2008, 16(6), 442-450

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gillberk said...

Due to the susceptibility of eating disorders (ED) to stressful life events, we wanted to examine longitudinally whether two childhood adversities,surgery and parental separation, will affect abnormal eating attitudes in adolescents. Consecutively for 4 years, the eating attitude test.The eating disorder inventory-2 questionnaires were administered to students from grades 7th through 10th and 8th through 11th. Multilevel analysis revealed that parental separation and oral or cosmetic dermatologic surgeries were significantly correlated with EAT-26 and EDI-2 scores throughout the 4 years of the study.