Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Childhood report calls for more therapists

The Government should make sure that 1,000 psychological therapists are trained over the next five years to cope with the increasing number of children with mental-health problems according to the Children's Society's Good Childhood Inquiry. According to the inquiry only a quarter of children who need it are receiving any specialist help and one in 10 5-16-year-olds had clinically-significant mental-health problems. It said the extra therapists would pay for themselves by cutting crime, social care and remedial costs in the future. The report also criticised the "aggressive pursuit of personal success by adults," income inequality, high rates of family break-up and commercial pressures towards premature sexualization of children.

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Eric Shaw said...

This is something that we need to address in several different peices. It is not just hiring more therapists for children with problems, but it is just as importnat to educate parents and famililes on the benefits of therapy and help reduce the stigma associated with having a child getting some needed help. It has to be both at the same time.