Friday, February 20, 2009

Stigma and schizophrenia

A survey of 732 people with schizophrenia in 27 countries, carried out by researchers at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, has revealed the amount of discrimination they face in their everyday lives. The survey found that

  • 47% reported discrimination in making and keeping friends
  • 43% had experienced discrimination from family members
  • 27% had experienced discrimination in intimate or sexual relationships
  • 29% had suffered from prejudice while trying to find or keep a job
  • 64% hadn't bothered to apply for work, training or education because they expected to fail or face discrimination
  • 55% anticipated discrimination when seeking a close relationship
  • 72% said that they felt a need to conceal their diagnosis of schizophrenia

You can find out more about this research at


srk said...

Something that almost everyone does if they have problems related to anxiety and panic is to try to uncover their own panic attacks causes. And it's understandable. Panic attacks are truly horrific, and definitely the worst part about having any form of anxiety or panic disorder.

Anonymous said...

I see there's no mention of discrimination from mental health services and charities, who in my experience are the worst culprits here in the UK.

John Gale said...

Yes, I don't know whether these were included in the original survey or not; it would be interesting to find out!