Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Prostitution and drug abuse

The link between prostitution and drugs is well-documented. However, not much is known about how prostitutes fare when they receive drug treatment and whether such treatment stops them being involved in the sex trade. Researchers from Stanford University, California, studied 1,287 women undergoing treatment for drug problems of whom 533 were prostitutes. The study found that those women involved in prostitution at the start of the study were more frequent users of drugs and alcohol, had reduced abstinence rates and had more mental-health symptoms than other women a year after they had finished their treatment although the rate of prostitution had declined by then. Receiving more mental-health and psychosocial services during treatment was associated with a lower rate of prostitution at follow-up. Giving up prostitution was associated with lower substance use, higher rates of abstinence and fewer mental-health problems at follow-up.

Burnette, Mandi L. ... [et al] - Impact of substance-use disorder treatment on women involved in prostitution: substance use, mental health, and prostitution one year after treatment Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs January 2009, 70(1), 32-40


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