Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Antidepressants, ageing and death

A long-term study of 470,000 elderly people in Denmark has found that over a period of twelve years antidepressant use increased substantially among this age group. Among people aged over 65 the use of antidepressants increased with age. Over a quarter of women aged between 85-89 were taking antidepressants with 17.5% of men in this age group also taking them. However old people were their use of antidepressants increased in the last three years of life with a third of women and a quarter of men taking antidepressants in the six months before they died.

Hansen, Dorte Gilsa ... [et al] - Increased use of antidepressants at the end of life : population-based study among people aged 65 years and above Age and ageing July 2007, 36(4), 449-454

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