Friday, August 03, 2007

Genetic link to antipsychotic weight gain

The side effects of antipsychotic drugs can include changes in fats called lipids in the bloodstream, disturbances in blood glucose levels and weight gain all of which are part of a collection of changes called the metabolic syndrome which has been linked to type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes and heart disease. The precise link between the drugs and these metabolic changes are unclear but the effects can vary widely from person to person. A study of 112 people taking antipsychotics in Holland found that there was a link with a gene called HTR2C with those people having variations in the gene being more at risk of weight gain and metabolic changes.

Mulder, Hans ... [et al] - The association between HTR2C gene polymorphism and the metabolic syndrome in patients with schizophrenia Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology August 2007, 27(4), 338-343

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