Thursday, August 16, 2007

Group psychotherapy for drug-taking mums

New mothers with drug problems often have a whole host of other difficulties to contend with. They are often single parents, lacking family and social support and can suffer from mental-health problems such as depression and anxiety. A study of 16 mother-and-baby pairs looked at the effects of a brief group therapy intervention which aimed to 'offer mothers the experience of care, which they, in turn, can give to their infants'. After 20-24 three-hour sessions the mother reported a happier relationship with their children and felt that they were getting on better with their peers.

Belt, Ritva and Punamaki, Raija-Lena - Mother-infant group psychotherapy as an intensive treatment in early interaction among mothers with substance abuse problems Journal of Child Psychotherapy 2007, 33(2), 202-220

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