Friday, August 03, 2007

Antipsychotic drug shows promise for severe alcoholics

Some studies have shown that antipsychotic drugs can reduce drinking among people with alcohol problems although the results from more rigorous clinical trials have been mixed. A study of 61 alcoholics in Philadelphia, U.S. divided them into two groups with half being given the antipsychotic drug quetiapine and half being given a placebo over a period of twelve weeks. 31% of people being given quetiapine managed to stay off alcohol for the time of the trial compared to just 6% of those being given the placebo. Quetiapine was particularly effective for more severe alcoholics who spent fewer days drinking and drank less after taking the drug.

Kampman, Kyle M. ... [et al] - A double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot trial of quetiapine for the treatment of type A and type B alcoholism Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology August 2007 27(4), 344-351

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