Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Nurses' survey points the way to improvements

A survey of mental health nurses asked them 'How can mental health nurses best improve service users' experiences, and outcomes, in inpatient care settings?'. The survey received 326 written responses with the most common suggestions being that service users should have an influence over services and that they should be involved more in their own care. The other most popular suggestion was that nurses should have 'protected time' with patients, free from interruptions and administrative chores. The results of the survey went into making up the Chief Nursing Officer's review of mental health nursing 'From values to action'.

Brimblecombe, N., Tingle, A. and Murrells, T. - How mental health nursing can best improve service users' experiences and outcomes in inpatient settings : responses to a national consultation Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing August 2007, 14(5), 503-509

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