Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Don't panic, go surfing

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is a well-established treatment for panic disorder but dropout rates of 25% are common and those offered treatment only around a half might respond. As part of CBT people are often taught panic-control strategies, such as breathing exercises and relaxation but a more recent approach called 'panic surfing' encourages people to 'ride out' the wave of anxiety in an accepting manner instead of trying to control their symptoms. An Australian study of 18 participants used the 'panic surfing' technique to treat panic disorder. Significant improvements occurred over the course of the treatment and were maintained at a 1-month follow-up.

Lamplugh, Claire ... [et al] - A pilot study of cognitive behaviour therapy for panic disorder augmented by panic surfing Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy November-December 2008, 15(6), 440-445

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