Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Helping sex offenders with learning disabilities

The Sex Offender Treatment Services Collaborative

is a group of professionals who provide treatment for men with intellectual disabilities who are at risk of sexual offending. The group provides a forum for the discussion of treatment issues as well as training and support for clinicians who are delivering group cognitive behavioural treatments for men with intellectual disabilities who sexually abuse. One of the modules in the programme uses a four-stage model - motivation to abuse, overcoming internal and external inhibitions and overcoming victim resistance - to help offenders understand their steps to offending. An article in this month's British Journal of Learning Disabilities looks at the progress of four men going through this programme and discusses some of the issues around this work.

Goodman, Wendy ... [et al] - Group treatment for men with learning disabilities who are at risk of sexually offending: themes arising from the four-stage model to offending British Journal of Learning Disabilities December 2008, 36(4), 249-255


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