Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Drink and drugs on Man and the mainland

The GENACIS (Gender, Alcohol and Culture: an International Study) study involves researchers from over 40 countries who have been co-operating to examine drinking patterns and alcohol-related problems among national samples of men and women. The Isle of Man joined the project in 2005 when 1,000 adults were surveyed and the results of this survey were compared to an earlier UK one of 2,027 people. In the Isle of Man sample drinking frequency was associated with having poorer physical health. In the combined Manx and UK samples 'binge' drinkers tended to have poorer mental health than other drinkers. Low income and high levels of cigarette smoking were associated with poor physical and mental health in both countries. Cannabis use was related to poor mental health. Women appeared to have better physical health than men, but there was no gender difference in relation to mental health. Once income level and education had been taken into account there were no overall differences between the Isle of Man and the U.K.

Miller, P. ... [et al] - Gender, alcohol, drugs and health: a comparison of the Isle of Man and the U.K. Journal of Substance Use December 2008, 13(6), 389-403

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